"Sailing once… sailing twice… and, SHIPPED- by the new artist in the fandom!" *bangs gavel* "Next up, we have another extremely popular pairing, Chromedome and Rew-"

So I finally got The Girlfriend to read up to More Than Meets the Eye #12 - and she loves it. She looked up right after she finished reading it and was like “I ship Cyclonus and Tailgate now. Do this for me please.” So I did it. Here you go, Babe! Also, I liked the idea of Tailgate having kind of a big nose… like a button. And I like how he’s all squatty, curvy shapes next to Cyclonus being long/sharp/brawny. The color contrast is good too, except this drawing isn’t in color. Ehm.

Note: I heard somewhere that Tailgate’s innermost energon being green was confirmed as a coloring mistake, so the stuff in the vial is pink. Feel free to confirm/disprove that for me I guess.

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    Yep, somebody alerted me of this elsewhere too, my sincere apologies ^_^;; And yes, they’re great at what they do and we...
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    I heard that the author said it wasn’t a mistake. (Besides, mistakes don’t tend to happen with the usual artists—dudes...