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[1] - Verilidaine - Coloring.

[2] - Bellstar - Researching client’s OC.

[3] - Simon - Agreement made.

[4] - Matts - Agreement made.

[5] - Dunkin - Discussing.

[6] - ChaCh - Discussing.

[7] - OPEN


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[1] - Dimensionalfragmenteliminator - Discussing.


Might be slightly spoilerish for MTMTE 31 but I’ve tried to crop out the spoilers as much as possible.

Am I the only one who finds this chirolinguistic thing sexy as hell, and even somewhat intimate? You’re literally stimulating another person’s hands to communicate.

Heck what would it do to a medic like Ratchet or First Aid, or even someone like Chromedome?

Cybertronian sign language should not be allowed to be such a turn on. Lord. Where are the fics with this kink

This kind of thing, including what purajobot said above, has been part of a bunch of headcanon of mine for over a year, and to see it show up in the comic is really pleasing~ 

Our databots and medic bots with their specialized hands should be loving this. 


Every once in awhile people come up with humans-living-on-Cybertron AU’s for Transformers, adding human characters from various generations to the mix in different parts of life (normally not very nice ones, tbh)

Which leads me to wonder where I’d put Raoul in the caste system if he were to live/work on Cybertron; not sure if ‘bots would all appreciate a human working on their frames though, so maybe he’d do something else. Obviously a lower caste job…

On the one hand, he could totally be a dock worker, like Orion Pax. It’s hard manual labor, something he’d do if it meant food on the table.

On the other hand, part of me wants to go more towards the ‘street punk’ side of his personality, darkening it a bit more and turning him into one of the few human gladiators (his size would let him get into a bot’s chinks in their framing more easily)

[/random musing]

[So sorry I’m late to see this, I can’t track tags with a ‘-’ so my own url is dang annoying when people tag me ;; ]

I think these are some really dang cool ideas, I’m fascinated already!

Just to turn this on its ear maybe - I’m under the impression, IF we’re talking late-war/post-war Cybertron as it’s being rebuilt either by victorious Autobots, or at least with involvement of some [former?] Autobots among the various groups coming home, that the “caste system” would no longer exist. I think when coming home they would need to establish an entirely new government, economy, etc. and they would have to do it entirely differently from the unfair, exclusive, functionist/classist system that got their people into the war in the first place.

I imagine if they had disbanded the caste system, most everyone would take kind of a series of evaluation tests to see what job licenses they qualify for in the Cybertronian work force. Most people would start again from the very bottom levels doing the crappiest, hardest, but still necessary jobs, no matter what their social caste used to be before the war. Though some of the already-skilled “best of the best at what they do” bots would be put up in their former place (because you can’t restart all the great doctors from intern positions again just because it’s “fair,” you need some people doing those jobs).

But still, I can certainly see Raoul - being an off-worlder, and plus being a new and “unskilled” member of their society - slipping through the cracks and being kind of a low-priority of the brand-new, still-kind-of-shaky-on-its-legs government, no matter what form it takes. They could have come up with the most benevolent model possible with equal job and education opportunities for all model types, but Raoul and others like them might still get quite a bit less attention since they’re trying to stabilize their own first before helping the incoming foreigners. (Since you seem to want to go dark-ish with this, I don’t wanna take that out of the picture completely.) There’s probably also a long process of becoming a citizen of their planet that off-worlders could go through, like learning their history and culture, being able to use their tech, and understanding a certain number of their languages  (even if your own physiology doesn’t allow you to speak back - but maybe there are one or two dialects humans can mostly imitate the sounds of…?) 

Other hand now, if the Decepticons won… lots of ideas here, and some of them maybe should be in a much darker, totally different discussion. I can think of one TFP-ish iteration of this that probably involves Tracks defecting and convincing his creators he’s coming back to them and wants to keep Raoul as a “pet.” Which might start a trend with humans and other foreign lifeforms having a sort of social caste of their own on this new Cybertron… But unlike cats and dogs for us, they’re sentient so I think instead of just the odd case where they’re like “service pets,” they would be expected to make themselves more useful than just being household trinkets.

OR another idea, Raoul and his small party of other humans plus a Cybertronian ally (or two, or five, or twenty) might be some of the remaning returned refugees/on the run in the streets of a ‘Con-controlled Cybertron. Maybe the Autobots were starting to rebuild and the Decepticons managed to come make a final push, and part of their operation was to take control of ports, supply drop routes, transportation, etc. and so most of the ways to get off-planet, or even to safer zones of the planet, are completely gone.

…I have like twenty more completely different iterations but I think I’ll leave it at this for the time being. I wanna hear your end now.


btw if anyone understands what my title means i love you so much.

are we thinking about Icarus?




a serious fucking problem in society that needs to be stopped immediately

this is too fucking accurate


Whoa look it’s my entire life exactly word-for-word.

But if it helps anyone else suffering from this sortof stigma, let me tell you — I still haven’t changed any of those things people harped on me about, and I’m STILL engaged to the most amazing person ever, who loves me for those things that other people essentially promised would deprive me of romance and affection forever.

Sure, ok, I will just be minding my own business over here in this extremely fulfilling romance the temperature of a white supergiant star. And I’ll be doing it with my nerdy glasses on, my face unpainted, and my bra strap exposed by a baggy, wide-neck shirt.



Shippy spoilery nonsense ahoy I’m sorry.

Because Dark Cybertron ended with all three members of my absolute biggest OT3 of all time alive and well!

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Sorry I can’t figure what three characters you are talking about.

Yeah I was intentionally vague, sorry. Here I’ll spoil it.

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choibok sent : Jill Valentine (BSAA), 8


Anonymous sent : Jak and Keira 1 ?? :3




This came out more goofy than planned 

This is too cute. It looks like she’s trying to talk him into something. lol

"Come on, Jak. Trust me. What could go wrong?"

Shippy spoilery nonsense ahoy I’m sorry.

Because Dark Cybertron ended with all three members of my absolute biggest OT3 of all time alive and well!

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Run into an art block? No problem.

Two parts soju + one part hongcho (raspberry vinegar) = solution.

You may get distracted from doing more art, but hey, at least the distraction tastes good.

Yes I would like to order a distraction, I will have one of those cuties in the blue sweater please~


Revamped Silkscreen’s design. Still not as savvy on designing my own robots, but it was a fun, and yet painful, process.

He’s based on the Audi A9 concept vehicle, including the nanotech that allows the metal to change color and do self-repairs. Though in Silkscreen’s case, it doesn’t come without a price to have the nanites within him :’x Just hope that he doesn’t hate you and have an appetite going at the same time.

Lookit this glitchy bastard all finished and beauteous!

Hot hot cannibal robot~


how to break my heart in one page

This doesn’t need to end here. Who thinks Geteway and Skids should conspire to help their little buddy out? c:

To be fair, Blurr reacted kinda the way anyone would after a confrontation like that, and for poor Swereve it was all nerves. Swerve’s smart and compassionate, I bet Blurr could find himself pleasantly surprised by at least one good conversation. Not sure how things would be on Swerve’s end though after getting across the Blurr-is-a-person-not-the-idealization-of-his-ex-career hurdle.

Cyclonus went from “drop dead, Tailgate,” to harming himself over the prospect of losing the little guy. Worse relations than this have become far warmer.