"She gets sexed up"

"It’s inappropriate."

"A terrible example for young girls."

"Does being yourself mean wear swanky clothing and wear a lot of makeup?"

Yes, actually it can.

I hate when people say this about Elsa. I HATE IT.

First I would like to mention that when people say “be yourself” some people don’t really mean. What they mean is don’t try to hard, don’t put too much makeup, don’t wear clothes that are too tight or comfy, stay comfortable. And for some people, that is not themselves.

Some people like to put on a lot of makeup.

Some people like wearing revealing clothing.

Some people like to look rebellious.

You can’t hold that against them.


All her life, she was told to be this quiet, poised, conservative girl. A girl who wears long dresses, capes. A girl who doesn’t talk back, doesn’t act up. She was trapped. She was trapped in a little box full of responsibilities.

And now she’s LETTING GO.

Did you even listen to the freaking song?

She’s becoming what she wants to be. She’s letting go of the past and heading straight into the future. And no one affects what she looks like. There is no boy she wants to impress. No townspeople. No parents. 

She’s doing all of this for herself.

And I don’t know about you, but I think that this is a great example to set for little girls, afraid to be themselves.


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friendly reminder that Elsa built her ice castle with the sole intention of spending the rest of her life there cut off from contact with anyone else. she literally planned on shutting herself in and not interacting with other people. meaning every change she made was solely for herself. and honestly, after spending her whole life scared to touch people and making sure her skin was covered (most specifically her hands), her dress change sequence in Let It Go felt like she was finally breaking out of that “be the good girl you always have to be” mold she’d been placed in—emphasis on ‘girl.’ Elsa’s spent her whole life trying so hard to stay contained, she never had a chance to really grow up normally and come into her own as a woman. i see this scene as her taking charge of her womanhood, allowing herself to exist freely as she wants to and no longer confined by the expectations placed on her.


Too long; won’t read - 

It’s when someone sexualizing themselves or showing any signs of sexuality in their choice of style or manner of being is not a personal freedom, but an obligation, that we should be offended by it. Otherwise we should leave people the hell alone, JFC.

I agree with the previous few comments. I think a factor in the issue of over-sexualization of women was missed here. 

Sexuality” is often deemed to be offensive by its proximity to some problematic things - in this case, the fact that women are expected to make themselves pleasing to look at, instead of our varying levels and styles of sexuality (or none) being allowed to show (or not) as we choose. It’s Elsa’s visible sexuality being blamed, but I think what we really find displeasing is the reminder that women in the real world are not just free to look that way if it makes us happy, we are supposed to aspire to it to make other people happy. 

Instantly frowning on Elsa’s change of appearance points to a different problem. It’s probably the result of trying to distance ourselves from society’s “grooming,” yet not being very objective about it. A full one-eighty into demonizing everything that resembles it is only going to help us about as much as unhappily submitting to it ever did. We can’t just retaliate by blaming every person who actually enjoys looking that way, and it’s unfair to call someone “brainwashed” for liking to wear make-up or high-heels. These people might be influenced by society’s ideals, sure. But they just as easily might be their very own discerning human being and are expressing themselves in a manner they ought to be free to enjoy

I for one, don’t usually wear make-up and tend to err on the side of comfy when choosing shoes, yet I own some pretty tight shirts. (Not that they give any oomph to my Honest-A’s, but they make me feel handsome okay?) We all have our levels.

It makes sense we’re afraid certain things might screw up our kids, but isn’t that what we as parents are here for? ”Elsa is making her own choice about how she wants to look and live her life, and that means you can make your own choice about the same things! You don’t have to dress like her to be like her. Instead just don’t be a doormat and pick out your own career. Also I hope you never run off to a secluded mountain-top castle where I can’t visit you.” 

No, with all of the media our kids will consume, one single conversation is not going to solve it, but opening communications is a pretty big start if you ask me. 


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Have a…


I highly recommend her translation abilities, signal boost!


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So a lot of people, whom I haven’t yet had a chance to respond to personally, have commented that the designs were too masculine, or read as male to them.  I certainly see how they could absolutely be read as male, but I wanted to address the fact that we seem to have double-standard when it comes to male and female traits, ie/ a ‘male” character can exhibit stereotypically female traits (full lips, thighs, small waist, smaller frame etc) and still be considered male or appropriately masculine, but a woman cannot not exhibit any significant number of “male” traits…and more importantly MUST (absolutely must) exhibit nearly all the traits associated with femaleness.  If not then…she just reads as male?

I traced, literally traced the designs (maybe shaved off some robot kibble…even a human Ultra Magnus wouldn’t have four foot high shoulder pylons).  I was extra careful to keep the general shape and build and facial structure the same.  Windblade’s slimmed-down hips, Elita’s more muscular upper body (she’s a solider after all), Chromia’s rounder face and more traditional hips to waist ratio.  Could I have made these exact same lines into men?  Yes.  With tertiary gender characteristics.  

Not many people would argue that the human versions look female.  Do they look like most women in media? No.  But I know women with these builds and features….just because we don’t see them on TV doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and it doesn’t mean they don’t want representation.

So why do the humans look like women but the robots don’t (to some).  

Tertiary gender characteristics.  

And also, cultural bias.  Our society is trained to identify women by certain traits….traits that are systematically stored in our cognitive responses to women.  We see a very narrow representation of women in all media.It is to the point that most people assume male until proven otherwise.  If is not DISTINCTLY and IRREFUTABLY female….it must be male.  Because men have variety and women are all  the same.

These designs aren’t trying to object to women in Transformers, or even women who look like women.  It’s just addressing that there are hundreds of characters considered male, and four females (right now).  Some people have pointed out, as I expected, that there are male characters with “boobs” or defined lips, or shapely hips.  And that’s true…and fine!  But note that a) they tend to only have one or two traits from the “THIS IS A WOMAN” checklist at a time, not be a full-fledged compilation, and b) they are individuals, not rules.  For every male transformer with a built up chest, there are twenty without it, for every one with full lips, there are dozens without, for every Tailgate there is an Ultra Magnus, a Fort Max, a Megatron.  

Female characters can have these traits….but there should be some without.  THAT is an even playing field.  100% of female transformers in the IDW series at this moment have boobs AND lips AND narrow waists AND curvy hips and thighs.  100%.

Representation is not just about quantity, but quality.  A total of four female characters, who only just vary from each other is not accurate representation.  It ignores all the women who can’t see themselves in this type of build at all.  It ignores women with small breasts, or no breasts, or thin lips, and muscular builds and stick straight builds and everything in between.  It ignores that women are not merely a checklist of feminine traits but personalities and individuals, just like men.  (And that the world isn’t JUST men and women in a strict gender binary, at that) 

Question; do you have trouble thinking of your female cat as female?  She looks, acts, smells and otherwise is identical to a male cat.  Does it matter?  She’s not a human…human gender norms don’t apply.  

The point is that we, as a society normalise a very narrow idea of what qualifies as a woman.  Everything that doesn’t fit in that narrow definition is male by default.  A lot of people struggle with the idea of gender neutrality…it is hard to think that way we are so, so hardwired against it, and with a media and society fighting very hard to retain that status quo.

I want more fembots in my Transformers…I want more female-looking Transformers who go by ‘he’ and male-looking transformers who go by “she” and everything in between.  It’s a perfect sci-fi concept…there is utter freedom to apply gender to any character in any way desired.  Why can’t there be characters who look like Optimus who just like to go by she?  It’s been stated in the comic that pronoun for them is merely a choice.  I want to see that explored!   Female looking fembots are great! So are ones who look less female.  The more of BOTH in BOTH directions we have, the more believable the gender neutrality of the TFs becomes.  When you take a character like Tailgate, or Whirl, who don’t even have faces, or bodies really resembling humans, and call them male and everyone’s okay, you should be able to do the same with women.  That’s what I mean when I say there should be variety.

And at the end of the day, if you can’t look at a fictional robot, and conceive of it being anything other than male, you might have some soul-searching to do in order to understand why that thinking is so pervasive.

I think this is a dialog that needs to happen.

I think that everyone was very very quick to jump on the female Transformers band wagon, without being very critical.  We were given fems….but they conform to every stereotype that women in fiction ever have conformed to.  It’s….technically progress, but it’s not without fault and it warrants more than just blind praise.  If these designs do nothing other than get people talking, debating thinking, criticising both others’ stances, and also their own…well, then that’s great!  Dialog is important!

I also want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to look at and talk about these designs, whether positive or negative or neutral.  I think it’s meaningful either way.  It’s my earnest hope that this post clarifies my position a little bit (although there’s a lot more I don’t want to cram in here right now….this is long enough!) 


Hey look I found an old thing.

This is what he’s wearing:

It’s the Wonderland Armor Set (“armor” -pfffft yeah not really) from the hack’n’slash MMO Vindictus, a.k.a. Mabinogi Heroes.

dreadw1ng said: YOU DID GOOD THO IT LOOKS RLLY GOOD TO ME (but i’m not an artist so don’t take me as a good teller b/c i just know good vs bad)

Hey, any objective feedback is better than none! I sure appreciate it. 

Have you made love to your minibot today?

Honest to god this is my first try at cel-shading. Judge me hard, guys.


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an itty bitty Grimlock thinking Fulcrum might be “mama” i’M SO DONE <3

This focuses on Tracks/Raoul but as the conversation goes on I’d love it to get more meta-ish about broader topics in fanon too: xeno relationships in general, Cybertronian families, Cybertronian families broken up by the war specifically, headcanon on who is whose familiy because I have so many of these thoughts liekWHOA… to name a few. And there’s likely a lot more to come. Don’t worry I’ll put it all under read-moars so people who are only here for pretty pictures can just scroll on through.

This one isn’t a “master post” such as I was talking about before; I think I’ll hold off on that for now - this is only a few of the fanon ideas between myself and Chibibee. In particular, it’s a strain of conversations leading up to the topic of “how can we have ‘human x robot’ xeno (or for that matter, many of my other non-human xeno ships) that lasts more than a terrifically insignificant amount of the Cybertronian character’s lifespan?”

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Anonymous inquired:
It sorta bugs me how you draw them with visible eyebrows.


No, but honestly:

1) It’s a style choice, and you don’t have to enjoy my interpretation, that’s fine. I am pleased that you’d express your opinion! 

2) I’m not the only person who draws them with eyebrows I’m pretty sure.

3) Quit it, you made Rung sad. Sad Rung. :(

4) Of all the weird things I draw or mistakes I make or just general wrongness in my art, it’s the presence of eyebrows that just doesn’t do it for you? I never imagined… o.o;


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

Is it ok if I make like a master post of those headcanons we were discussing (plus the stuff that apparently never got to your inbox), so we can share them with those whom it may interest, and maybe have ‘em all in one place?

lethita-ismer inquired:
Your cute little doodles of Cyclonus and Tailgate...! My heart can barely take it, they're so sweet without seeming out of character (to me at least, if my opinion counts here), and also there's that bit puppy-kicking humor because, well, Cyclonus. Awesome little comics and illustrations you've got here. Eheh, anyhow. I'll move along now. Been on your blog gushin' and now I have to draw them or I think I will explode.






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people are dumb but here is a beeping kitten named cricket (not mantis but CLOSE SO CLOSE)

i feel my rage slowly subsiding

did u know that nothing in the entire world matters just cricket